Friday, January 02, 2009

Scrapstart ins Neue Jahr! Scrapstart into the New Year! January 3

Und weiter gehts. Diesmal habe ich ein LO ausgesucht welches ich erst vor ein paar Tagen bei 2Peas entdeckt habe. Auch diese LO ist ein digitales, aber es schliesst irgendwie an das von Nat an. Hier also LO#3 von cmnb: "Just because"

And on we go. This time I picked a LO which I just noticed a couple of days ago over at 2Peas. It is another digital LO, but somehow it connects right with Nat's LO. So here is LO#3 by cmnb: "Just because"

Ich arbeite noch an LO#2. So langsam wirds was. LO#1 ist fertig. Ich habe mal wieder, nach langer Zeit, mit meinen geliebten Danyeela Papieren gearbeitet. Ein Jahresrückblick wie Trouble #2 es sieht.

I am still working on LO#2. It's coming together... slowly but surely. LO#1 is done. I got out my beloved Danyeela papers again. It had been a while... The LO is a review of 2008 according to Trouble #2.

In other news....

my mom was released from the hospital yesterday for three days. I have to take her back on Sunday, and surgery is scheduled for Monday. She is doing pretty good right now, but after the surgery she will be in the hospital for at least 10 days and after that another 3 weeks rehab.

Trouble #3... stays true to his name. He has chewed through 2 leashes already. I went and bought a harness and a retractable leash. Hopefully it will work better. Also, I bought three sugar coated jelly donuts for the girls and me (for you Germans out there... I bought "Berliner"). It's tradition here in Germany to eat those for New Year. Anyway, I put them on a plate and put the plate on the stove. Oops, big mistake. Somehow they disappeared. And I KNOW it wasn't the kids... they are not such good liars and really... the kitchen floor was spotless. They would have left a mess with all that powdered sugar. Mmmmhhhh, what else is he doing? Oh, he decided to sleep in my bed. No biggie, I always had cats and dogs sleep in my bed, but really, does he have to put his head on my pillow and snuggle up to me like one of the kids?

Trouble #1 and #2... are driving me nuts. I have been dragging them along on my morning walk with T#3 and that's been helpful. At least they get outside for about one hour a day. The weather has been fabulous: Cold, dry and really clear air, sometimes the wind can get a bit too cold, but still, much better than any kind of icky, rainy, stormy, yucky, typical northern German winter weather. Anyway, the morning walks are good for them, but the rest of the day? Forget about it. The fight and complain and whine and pick on each other all day long. I cannot wait for school to start again. Only another 6 days!!!

Santa brought us (probably like everybody else... did he get a discount?) a Wii for Christmas. And, thought the Wii Fit was backordered and not expected to ship until the middle of January, it arrived on the 31st. And the girls love it. Me... not sure yet. It wasn't really encouraging when my Mii turned fat during the initial Wii Fit assessment. Oh well...

Oh, my Christmas journal... remember? I was going to finish out the last 6 days, but somehow, it felt finished with the 31st page. So I think I might just add a "looking forward to 2009 page and call it a day.

Anyway, that's about it from my neck of the woods. I need to go and walk the dog.
Have a good one.


Nat said...

ahhh - love T2's review. Gorgeous layout!

Hope all is getting will with your MOM.

And - yes - I hate how my MII looks- wait when your kid's Mii's are starting to ask "where is Liz and how does she look like" - that is so bad- LOL

Sabrina said...

Oh, wie cool!
Und die heutige Lift-Vorlage auch. Mal sehen, ob ich es heute schaffe!

Nicole said...

Tolle LO hast Du da gezaubert......hier mein LO #3

Frauke said...

Gerade fertig geworden

Snapshots of you

elke said...

Hier mein Beitrag, da es nicht klappt mit dem verlinken!

Gruß Elke

steffi said...

Mein Beitrag ist jetzt auch fertig:

scrapsternchen said...

und meiner ist auch fertig :-)

N. said...

Das hier hat mir sehr gut gefallen, ich mag das "Verspruzte" darauf und hab versucht, das nachzuahmen (*klick*), danke für diese Auswahl!

Inga said...

besser spät als nie:

hier ist mein Clown

Ulrike said...

Das Foto mußte ich einfach verscrapen.mein Weihnachtsmann