Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sneak Peek Styling Idol

I know, pretty lame just posting sneak peaks, but I can't post the LO quite yet, since tomorrow is the "official" deadline for entry. But, here it is, a couple of sneaks of my latest entry to the Stylin'Idol contest over at scrapbooklifestyle. So, stay tuned for the actual LO sometime Wednesday or Thursday.

So, have a good one. Off to bed I go.

Monday, July 30, 2007

100 posts

Yeah, I never thought I'd actually keep this blog up this long, but there it is, my 100th post.

So, in honor of this special occasion, a LO completely unlike anything I usually do.

The background was created by applying a peeled paint technique to a transparency. I don't think you can really tell it is a transparency, but when you look at it IRL, it has a kind of glassy appearance. Then I attached the pictures and journaling and then the "bling". That part was kind of tricky, since it is an iron-on and I had to iron VERY CAREFULLY so not to melt the transparency. I also used Tulip dimensional paint and EK success alpha stickers.

Have a good one.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Feeling sassy....

well, Savvy'n Sassy. I did this LO for a contest there. Lots of different ribbon. Lots of fun. PP American Craft and CBX, AC Thickers Foam/Felt, Signo Uniball white pen, ric rac, button, staples. Enjoy.

Sorry, the pictures are awefully dark. Don't know why it came out that way. Oh well... It is much brighter IRL.

Have a good one.

Friday, July 27, 2007

For something different....

I am digging up all kinds of music to load on my iPod and came across this one. Enjoy.

Have a good one.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A day late and a dollar short....

so the fabulously talented, my paper designing hero, Daniela, sent this my way.... a couple of days ago. Way cool.

But, as I am a few days behind, I think most everyone I know has been hit already. So.... you rockin' girl bloggers, you know who you are.... consider yourself nominated.

I am hoping to meet up with a good friend tonight. Mojo... remember him? Yeah, I've been hoping for him to stop by, but alas... nothing. Maybe tonight. I REALLY want to get some scrapping done.

Have a good one.

Just random randomness

I need a rich husband. Or a job. Ughhhh. I am kidding, really, but it is getting frustrating. I got just got a rejection letter from the last job application I sent out and that one is bugging me big time. I was so hopeful something would come out of that one.

It's been raining all morning. It's yucky outside.

I had to drive halfway across town because on Thursday Trouble #2 had left her bag on the bus when her camp group went for a day trip. Of course the leaving of the bag was a major drama, because Trouble #1 had a birthday party to go to right after their trip and the birthday present was in the bag, too. Ughhh. It took two days to find out where the bag was and then they told us that the present was no longer in the bag. Only the lunch box. Great.... I have to go pick up a bag with an icky lunch box. But, alas, the lunchbox wasn't as icky as I had anticipated and halleluja, the present was still in the bag. I had to pay a 2 Euro fee to get the bag back, but heck... the present was still there.

In happy news, remember my post about red sandals? Yeah, they finally got here. Actually two pairs. So cute.
I don't have a picture of the other pair, but they are strappy sandals in bright red. Super cute. Thank you Maggie.

Anyway, I am going to console myself now with my pretty new shoes and my Harry Potter book which came yesterday and enjoy the last bit of my summer break.

Have a good one.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Rain rain go away

Ughhh, as I went to bed last night, the weather was perfectly nice. Warm, nice breeze, nice. But this morning Trouble #2 climbs into my bed way too early and tells me: "Mama, you don't have to check the weather report, I already know it is raining!" Ughhh, and raining it is. Pouring rain.

I plan on making some more cards today. I made a couple yesterday, just because, playing around with odds and ends. Maybe making some more will make me feel less gloomy. I feel like Eeyore.

Have a good one.

Friday, July 20, 2007

My scrapspace

Jana asked us to show our scrapspace. Is it messy? Is it presentable? Organized? Organized chaos?

Well... I have to say, it is usually pretty presentable. Not "company is coming" presentable, but also not complete, drive myself nuts, chaos. It is in a corner of my bedroom and I have everything within reach and *usually* put everything away after I use it. Or at least once the LO is done. I CANNOT start another LO if my desk is messy. Drives me nuts. Now, I realize I have open drawers and such, but those are for my scraps.... and they are overflowing. So, until I find a better (meaning *bigger*) storage solution for my scraps, I have to deal with open drawers.

Have a good one.

It's not easy being green... Stylin' Idol Round 4

Yes, it's time to vote again. This weeks's challenge was to use nothing but green. Well...to be more precise, the rules were as follows:

1. You must use all green on your layout.
2. The cardstock MUST be green.
3. Any patterned paper used does NOT have to be green.
4. ALL embellishments MUST be green.

Oye... my first thoughts? I don't DO green. I don't OWN green. I have to go begging to Nat to see if she has anything green.

But, once I got started and did a LO almost accidentally in almost all green, I was determined to get it done. And I am very pleased with what I came up with. It is totally different than what I would normally do. This LO actually took me 3 days! You read that? 3 DAYS!!! I never spend that much time on a LO.

Supplies used: Karen Marie Klip pattern paper, the background paper was green, but I ended up painting it "even greener" with acrylic paint. Prima flowers, Bazzill Bitty Blossoms, DCWV Paper Posies, which I inked with green ColorBox chalk ink. Misc. buttons and eyelets. Heidi Grace metallic stickers, Heidi Swapp chipboard alphas. Ranger Stickles, Marabou fun liner glitter green, Creative Imaginations ribbon, misc. other ribbon, ricrac and trim and last but not least, green felt cutout birds. Aren't those birds cute? I picked them up last Saturday when I went into the city. Trouble #1 and Trouble #2 went to the Art Museum for Children's art school, and I went shopping. Since I quit university I haven't really been in the city.

So, hop on over to Scrapbooklifestyle and vote here. All the other LOs can be seen here

Have a good one.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Good Mail day

Oh, I love days like this....

First I got a package with my latest 2Peas order. I was in serious need of a good new journaling pen and I am still on the look out for a substitute for my Signo white pen, so I bought a few pens but what good are pens without a bit of new paper and a couple of alphabets, right? And, as usual, my 2Peas order arrived in record time. Yeah, love it.

Next the mailman dropped two padded envelopes in my mailbox. One had that edge distresser tool that I had been trying to find
and the other a fabulous new cake decorating book. Somehow all my cake decorating books have come up missing since my move and I was in serious need of inspiration. So, the other day, while checking out a few new blogs, I came across THIS lady. OMG, to die for. So, like a mad woman, I went to look to buy one of her books. And yeah, it arrived today.

I have already read it cover to cover. And I have to say, she makes me want to get out my tools again and start practicing. I'll leave you with a picture of my favorite cake in the book... I have no idea how you would actually cut it but isn't it pretty?

So, thank you Mr. Mailman for making my day. Just the cheering up I needed.

Have a good one.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I take it back

Remember my post from a few days ago about how nothing at CHA was really all that exciting? Okay, I take it back. I soooo take it back.

While the June release of Basic Grey INFUSE didn't really do much for me, I mean, it is pretty, it is nice to see that they are FINALLY doing other fonts, but basically, it was same pattern, different color, or same color, different pattern. So I was all set to just ignore BG's releases at CHA. That would have been a huge mistake, I tell you. After seeing the complete lines here... yikes, my bank account is going to suffere. Severely. Totally different, totally cool, totally must have.

So much for hoping not to shop too much in the near future.

Anyway, Trouble #2 and I have a dentist appointment today. I have strange children, I tell you.... or a great dentist. LOL When I told Trouble #2 that the appointment was today she said "Juhu! I love my dentist". And Trouble #1 had two teeth pulled at her last appointment and she STILL loves our dentist.

Have a good one.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Pattern Paper Project.... last LO installment

Yeah, Mirija finally had computer access again (and took a break from studying) and sent me the LOs she created with "my" pattern paper. I must say, they ROCK. I am blown away by what my 4 "guinea pigs" created with the paper. So, without further ado, here are Mirija's LOs. Enjoy.

I am dealing with a killer migraine, so off to bed I go.

Have a good one.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

CHA.... something to get excited about?

Okay, I admit it, I don't get particularly excited about all the previews of new collections. Especially this year I noticed that with al the previews.... I really haven't seen anything that I am REALLY excited about, okay, not even mildly excited about. It is more of the same patterns but color variation, it's similar colors but pattern vatiations... so, overall, nope, nothing terribly exciting. Not that that is going to stop me from buying all of it, but in general, no anticipation.


Check THIS out. Isn't that a cool idea? And here are a few sample LOs. I just think it is such a neat idea. So many possibilities.

Anyway, off to Trouble #2's end of school year party at Kindi. Yeah.... can you hear the sarcasm?

Have a good one.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Stylin'Idol Round 4

Yeah, I made it to round 4 of the Stylin'Idol Contest over at Scrapbooklifestyle. It's down to 15 contestants now.

This weeks task though, seems almost impossible for me to do. It is supposed to be a LO using the color GREEN. Quite frankly, I don't think I OWN any green pattern paper. I don't use green very often. Yikes.

Well, I am sure I am going ot come up with something, but man, this is hard.

Have a good one.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

What is the next step?

Well, you might remember my post sometime in the beginning of June, looking for guineapigs of sorts. Luckily I found 4 lovely ladies... okay, 3 volunteered and one was "drafted", who were willing to help me out.

Here's what went down. Someone I know is quite the artist (at least I think so). She does lovely work and looking at some of it I couldn't help but think... mhhhhh, that would make lovely pattern paper. But, I really like her work, so I didn't think I should be the one testing it as far as how well it worked for scrapbooking. So what I did with my 4 volunteers is, that they each received a package with 12 (I think) sheets of pattern paper, and their task was to use it in any shape or form they wanted to. Unfortch Mirija's computer died so I haven't seen her LOs yet, but the other three ladies.... hats off to you. You did fabulous work. So, without further ado, here are some of the papers and the LOs the Jana, Wiebke, and Nat created.

The papers

Jana's LOs

Wiebke's LOs

Nat's LO

So, what is the next step? My four test subjects already gave me feedback, which I really appreciate. Some was good, some not so good, but hey, I asked. And no, I am NOT the artist, so if you don't like it, my feelings are not going to be hurt. So, what do you.... yes, I know there are a few people out there who read my blog, what do YOU think? Any thoughts, comments, criticism.... okay, I am begging here, any feedback at all, I would really appreciate it.

Maybe this is all for nothing, or maybe I am on to the next great thing.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Stylin' Idol #3

First of, thanks to all who voted for my LO. I made it to Round 3 of the Stylin' Idol #3 over at ScrapbookLifestyle.com.

The challenge for the 3rd round was to use at least 12 inches of ribbon and not to tie it to anything, not even a bow, and not to attach it in a straight line. Totally hard for me to do, since I tend to be such a linear scrapper.

But, I was up to the task... I think... and I am quite pleased with my LO. What do you think?

PP MyMindsEye, grosgrain ribbon and pearl trim are sewn on. I think there are a total of over 3ft of ribbon and trim on this LO. I also used an overlay over the main picture and stitched it to the picture. K-ology chipboard letters, HS chipboard ampersand, Imagination Project coaster. The journaling is stamped with Staz On on transparency and then attached in the lower right hand corner.

Journaling: That's what happens when you are a teacher... you have all your students show up at your wedding as a surprise. The kids were so excited and all thought Julia looked like a princess and Henning was the luckiest guy.

Scrapbooklifestyle Voting

Stylin' Idol Gallery

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy Birthday

to my oldest, dearest, and most fabulous German scrapping friend Nat. I hope your day is most wonderful and you get spoiled rotten.

Of course I made a LO for your birthday album, too. But alas... sometimes technology is not my friend and I didn't get to take a picture before sending it off to Schulu, so you will just have to see it IRL.

Have a good one.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Karen Russel WS

Well, what can I say that hasn't been said on everyone else's blog? Nothing really, so at risk of sounding like everone else: in short, it was fabulous, Karen Russel was so sweet and nice and inspiring, Heike Lenz did a fantastic job, I shopped way too much and I had a blast. And if any of my workshops ever go as smoothly, I will be one happy girl.

This was the first "real" workshop I ever attended myself. Go figure. I have to move to Germany to attend a workshop by an American scrapper. But, I learned a lot, I had lots of fun, and what is better than a day scrapping, surrounded by other people scrapping?

So, here are the two LOs I made. They were a first for me: while I have done hidden journaling and pockets and such before, I have never really integrated the page protector into the whole page. These LOs are totally interactive. VERY COOL. On the first LO, the top flap flips up and there is lots of space for journaling. On the second LO, the whole right side actually sticks out from the page protector and inside is either more space for pictures or for the journaling. Like I said, super cool.

Off to bed. It's been an exhausting few days.
Have a good one.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

It's been a fabulous day....

but now I am dead tired. I spent all day today at this Workshop and it was so much fun. But also very exhausting and I think I will post more on the WS including pictures later.

Here are, however, my last four...yes, 4! Pencillines LO. Trouble #1 and #2 spent yesterday and last night at their grandmother's house, so I had some time to scrap.

Now I am off to bed.
Have a good one.