Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I take it back

Remember my post from a few days ago about how nothing at CHA was really all that exciting? Okay, I take it back. I soooo take it back.

While the June release of Basic Grey INFUSE didn't really do much for me, I mean, it is pretty, it is nice to see that they are FINALLY doing other fonts, but basically, it was same pattern, different color, or same color, different pattern. So I was all set to just ignore BG's releases at CHA. That would have been a huge mistake, I tell you. After seeing the complete lines here... yikes, my bank account is going to suffere. Severely. Totally different, totally cool, totally must have.

So much for hoping not to shop too much in the near future.

Anyway, Trouble #2 and I have a dentist appointment today. I have strange children, I tell you.... or a great dentist. LOL When I told Trouble #2 that the appointment was today she said "Juhu! I love my dentist". And Trouble #1 had two teeth pulled at her last appointment and she STILL loves our dentist.

Have a good one.

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Nat said...

oh no- don't post links :-)