Saturday, July 07, 2007

What is the next step?

Well, you might remember my post sometime in the beginning of June, looking for guineapigs of sorts. Luckily I found 4 lovely ladies... okay, 3 volunteered and one was "drafted", who were willing to help me out.

Here's what went down. Someone I know is quite the artist (at least I think so). She does lovely work and looking at some of it I couldn't help but think... mhhhhh, that would make lovely pattern paper. But, I really like her work, so I didn't think I should be the one testing it as far as how well it worked for scrapbooking. So what I did with my 4 volunteers is, that they each received a package with 12 (I think) sheets of pattern paper, and their task was to use it in any shape or form they wanted to. Unfortch Mirija's computer died so I haven't seen her LOs yet, but the other three ladies.... hats off to you. You did fabulous work. So, without further ado, here are some of the papers and the LOs the Jana, Wiebke, and Nat created.

The papers

Jana's LOs

Wiebke's LOs

Nat's LO

So, what is the next step? My four test subjects already gave me feedback, which I really appreciate. Some was good, some not so good, but hey, I asked. And no, I am NOT the artist, so if you don't like it, my feelings are not going to be hurt. So, what do you.... yes, I know there are a few people out there who read my blog, what do YOU think? Any thoughts, comments, criticism.... okay, I am begging here, any feedback at all, I would really appreciate it.

Maybe this is all for nothing, or maybe I am on to the next great thing.


N. said...

Okay, just my 2 cents: mein Fall ist so wildes Papier eher nicht, ich kann einfach nicht damit umgehen. was ja nicht die Schuld des Papieres ist *lol* Aber: wo es passt (und das war IMHO bei Nat z.Bsp. der Fall), kommt es großartig zur Geltung. Am liebsten mag ich das blautönige aus Wiebkes Pflanzen-LO. Hope that helps

Nat said...

Ich mag es- bin aber noch nicht dazu gekommen mehr LOs zu machen ;-) Ich laß Dich aber noch mehr Einzelheiten wissen. Manche Farben sind schwierig zu verarbeiten, aber als Hintergrund finde ich es super. Ich arbeite noch dran.

christiane said...

verarbeitet sieht es fantastisch aus!! alles andere kann ich nicht beurteilen!! ;))

jana said...

die sachen von nat und wiebke sind ja klasse! ich will mehr sehen!

ich bin gespannt, wie es weiter geht!

Sylvia said...

Okay, I just came back from digging through your archives to see what this is all about :)
From the LOOK of them: Love them! Love these really intense colours. I love pattern papers that are not merely cute or linear. Not sure how the texture is etc, but they look great on the layouts!

Mirija said...

Sieht gut aus was ihr da gemacht hat! Ich kann aber schon ein Favorit unter den PP´s erkennen ;-) den habe ich auch benutzt!!!

Liebe Liz, magst du mir bitte deine Email Adresse schicken?! Ich hab sie auf meinem kaputten PC :-( und das SBS Forum funktioniert irgendwie nicht...

Ich schicke dir dann auch gleich meine LO´s (viel zu spät...)

LG Mirija

deb said...

Love your work! so glad you stopped by my blog for the giveaway so I could check in!