Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Just random randomness

I need a rich husband. Or a job. Ughhhh. I am kidding, really, but it is getting frustrating. I got just got a rejection letter from the last job application I sent out and that one is bugging me big time. I was so hopeful something would come out of that one.

It's been raining all morning. It's yucky outside.

I had to drive halfway across town because on Thursday Trouble #2 had left her bag on the bus when her camp group went for a day trip. Of course the leaving of the bag was a major drama, because Trouble #1 had a birthday party to go to right after their trip and the birthday present was in the bag, too. Ughhh. It took two days to find out where the bag was and then they told us that the present was no longer in the bag. Only the lunch box. Great.... I have to go pick up a bag with an icky lunch box. But, alas, the lunchbox wasn't as icky as I had anticipated and halleluja, the present was still in the bag. I had to pay a 2 Euro fee to get the bag back, but heck... the present was still there.

In happy news, remember my post about red sandals? Yeah, they finally got here. Actually two pairs. So cute.
I don't have a picture of the other pair, but they are strappy sandals in bright red. Super cute. Thank you Maggie.

Anyway, I am going to console myself now with my pretty new shoes and my Harry Potter book which came yesterday and enjoy the last bit of my summer break.

Have a good one.

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