Friday, April 18, 2008

Things that make me happy....

still too stressed, to0 worried, too just not myself... so I am still baking. And I feel better for a while. This time I made Vanilla Vanilla Cupcakes.

They looks so simple, so plain, but ohhhhh, are they good! And just because I couldn't help myself, I added just a wee bit of raspberry filling.

The weather is getting better. There is the promise of spring in the air... sunny outside. Hopefully my spell of "blahhhh" will be over by the time this weekend is over.

Have a good one.


daniela said...

Ich würd jetzt gern ein Käffchen mit dir trinken, so ein leckeres Dingelchen da essen und schnacken! :-)

Nat said...

ich schließe mcih Daniela an :-)