Tuesday, April 22, 2008


now that's what I am talking about. I guess I had to post my cupcake cookbook to inspire you all to share your ideas. LOL

So... sofar we have (other than the ones mentioned in the last post):
Bounty (or for you Americans... Mounds)-pineapple... Bounty is my all-time favorite candy bar. LOVE IT, will have to try it.
Peanutbutter pretzel chocolate... sounds intriguing.
Nutella Walnut Caramel.... three of my favorite things... how can it be wrong?
Vanilla Yoghurt Caramel.... mmmmhhh, not sure on that one....sounds so.... healthy. LOL
Coconut-Strawberry.... interesting combination. Will require some thought.
Something Savory i.e. Asparagus Rucola (rocket?). Now... I don't usually consider Savory for a cupcake, because I cannot slather it with buttercream. But then... why not make a savory buttercream, or cheesecream? I am totally digging the asparagus rucola combination. Maybe with some ham....
Negerkuss.... yes, that would have to be a classic German flavor combo.
Lemon chocolate.... yes, Amanda, I can tell you've got cravings. I don't usually like the combination of lemon and chocolate. Now, orange chocolate I like. I will have to think on how I am going to do this....
Caramel Mudcake... I think we have a thing for Caramel going, don't you? The recipe sounds sinfully good.

And Barbara, yes, only cupcakes, but who says I cannot turn other recipes into cupcakes? So, yes, please do share youre recipes for Lemon Glazed poundcake and
Whoopie Pies and I will see if I can come up with something.

So.... I will have to tell you that over the past 3 months or so I have lost about 15 pounds. And yesterday I receive a package from my MIL with two new pairs of jeans, a size smaller than what I have been wearing the past 5+ years. I will be damned if I have to go back to my old jeans. What I am trying to say is, that there is no way that I ma going to figure out all these recipes anytime soon. Give me a bit of time to work on these.

Anyway... thinking cap on...

Have a good one.


Anonymous said...

ok, I'm getting hungry now just reading this blog. lol But Nutella, walnut and caramel?? hmmmm sounds like a spread that should be sold in a jar. hehehe yuuuuuummy.

Nat said...

Oh boy.- I'm drooling here!!!! BTW The German black covered Schaumthingi ;-) is not called the word anymore- it also not pc in Germany anymore - it is called Schokokuss
Can't wait to see you saturday

Eeva said...

Congratulations on loosing weight!!!!! I'm going to put my thinking cap on and think of something... maybe I can come up with something a bit scandinavian?... I'll be back :)

Aline said...

Hey, gratuliere zur kleineren Größe, freu mich riesig für Dich!

Und das hört sich alles äußerst lecker an. :)

Eeva said...

OK so I found this great site with hundreds of different recipies ;) here are a selection of different tastes
*Chocolate Cheesecake Cupcakes
*Banana and chocolate
*After eight
*Almond and pear
*Peanutbutter, Riesen choko toffee and marshmallows
*Apple and cinnamon and cardamom
*Coffee and cognac
*Almond and lemon
*Scandinavian* Lingonberry jam with cinnamon and ginger taste (you can buy it at IKEA in HH incase it’s not in normal stores)
*Mango/pineapple jus with passion fruit
*Candy cane
*Citrusflower water and raisin
*Strawberry passion fruit

Gisela said...

What about Coke (or Pepsi) with lemon?
I gained weight just by staring at your Elvis inspired cupcake.