Saturday, December 01, 2007

Quick Update

I usually try to update this blog at least a couple of times a week, but well... it just wasn't a good week.

Most importantly, the advent calendars got done. By about noon today! After putting in two long nights. Watching paint dry. A couple of boxes keep falling off! And three of the boxes on each calendar are still empty. BUT Trouble #1 and #2 got to open their first box today. So all was well.

I will post pictures soon. Once I get my camera hooked up and the camera program installed, because.... that is the main reason why it wasn't a good week....

I dropped my laptop. On the tile floor. I could cry just thinking about it. Well, I didn't really drop it, but I tripped over the cord and pulled it off the desk. Result's the same. The LCD is kaputt!

Anyone know a good fix? Short of buying a new one.... which just isn't going to happen.

I had to set up Trouble #1's computer at my scrap desk. Me not likey.

Now I need to read up on two of my online classes which started this week. I am already behind, how sad is that? All because of the darn laptop.

Anyway, have a good one. Happy first Advent (tomorrow).


Nat said...

Oh Sweets, sorry about this- it stinks! I hope your next week is better and there will be a solution for your laptop!!!

Aline said...

Oh no, so sorry to hear this! I hope this will will be better!
Ich wünsch Dir was! :))