Monday, December 10, 2007

Super quick post in the morning

... because I have nothing better to do. As you might recall, I am doing an internship at Rindchen's Weinkontor. Well, the ladies in bookkeeping thought they shoud send me over to on of the stores... after all, bookkeeping is bookkeeping, but I can't have worked at a company selling wine and not learn anything ABOUT wine. So... this week, they are sending me to one of the stores. And you want to know how far I have to go to work? I swear, other than working from home, it couldn't be closer. Across the street. Literally, across the street. That's why I have nothing better to do than sit here and write a mindless blog post. I got ready for work way too early. Go figure.

Have a good one.


Aline said...

Aber da Du dann in Zukunft die Weinkennerin sein wirst, kannst Du uns sicher gut beraten. ;)

Ich wünsch Dir einen schönen Arbeitstag!

Nat said...

LOL! Dir einen schönen TAg!

christiane said...

zu spät, dir einen schönen tag zu wünschen!! ;) aber ich hoffe, er war gut!!

Dörte said...

Na das ist doch mal schön ;o)))
(wenn ich an meine 67km Arbeitsweg einfache Fahrt denke ....)
Schöne Woche im Weinkontor ;o)))