Saturday, December 08, 2007

You might be receiving a christmas card from me!

Thanks to the workshop that I taught at Scrapbook-King last night, I now have an abundance of different Christmas cards. In previous years, I usually decided on one card design and started mass producing. After card #5 or 10 (I admit, my attention span is a bit short)I got tired of the design but was too lazy to come up with something else. Well... since I had to demonstrate 10 different cards, I now have 10+ different card designs already done and no longer have an excuse not to "bless" everyone with a lovely handmade Christmas card. Okay, I might still fail to actually take them to the postoffice but hey... the designs are done.

so, just in case you don't get a christmas card from me, you know... yours is probably still sitting in my hallway waiting to be taken to the postoffice on Christmas Eve, here's what you are missing.

More later. I need a nap.

Have a good one


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scraptime-anja said...

wunderschöne Karten! Ich hoffe Du hast gut geschlafen - ich wurde nach 5 Minuten von einem umfallenden Bretterstapel geweckt *g*