Monday, December 24, 2007

A wonderful Christmas

to you all.

I am off to Rome in just a few hours. I hear it is just as cold there as it is here... go figure. And my brother is sick with the flu, so he called to apologize for not getting a tree and such. But I think, we will just go and find this tree and pretend it is ours. Find more videos on">

have a good one.

Dörte, if you are reading this... I still have a package for you here but can't get to your adress since the SBS forum is closed. Would you please e-mail your adress again to


Eeva said...

I wish you the best of time in Rome!!!! Merry Christmas to you and your brother!!! I hope he feels better soon!! I've been sick for almost a week now :(

Nat said...

Wish you so much fun in Rome!!! Huge hugs and merry christmas!

Aline said...

I wish you a wonderful time! Merry Christmas! :)

scraptime-anja said...

Merry christmas to you! Have fun in Rome!

christiane said...

hope you had a wonderful christmas in italy!! without flue!! hugs!!