Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What happens....

when you wait till 3 days before December 1 to buy Advent calendars for your children? When you have two very specific calendars in mind?

Yeah, let me tell you... they are not to be had anywhere locally (nor elsewhere from what I found out last night searching online), so Mama is on her own. "On her own" in this case means finding boxes and paper and ribbon and number stickers, then spending hours to decorate those boxes and THEN spending another small fortune buying things to put into such lovingly decorated boxes.

Oh, if I only hadn't procrastinated like I did!

Pictures to follow.

Have a good one.


Nat said...

but...your adventscalendar will be the coolest!!!

Aline said...

I am also sure your calendar will be great!! Good luck! :))

Simone said...

So erging es mir im letzten Jahr!!
Und da wir bestens mit Radiegummi,Badeperlen,Mini-Gruscht ausgerüstet sind war ich dieses Jahr schlauer und habe meine schon im Oktober gekauft;))