Sunday, November 04, 2007

It's all about food

I know, I know, it's been over a week since I last posted, but alas... there is life!

So, for one, I started working. Yup... working. Just an internship, but nevertheless, it is time that I don't have to spend on the computer or scrapping or whatever. Second, Trouble #2's birthday party was scheduled for this past friday and I had to come up with a plan, since I had sent out invites. Three, though my internship is just 4 1/2 days a week, this weekend the company I am working at, had a big event scheduled, and so of course I had to be there and help out. I tell you, I am so glad my waitressing days are over. All I had to do was serve coffee and polish wine glasses. But geez, 8 1/2 hours on my feet Saturday, another 6 today, sore feet... despite wearing my most comfy shoes, sore back, blisters on my hands from polishing the glasses... no, even if it had been a thought, I don't think I want to go back to waitressing.

Anyway, I was up to my eyeballs in party prep. And, it basically came down to making it a Halloween party through food.

For starters, we had cupcakes with Halloween colored sprinkles as well as Vampire cupcakes. Super yummy, I was told. We also had another Harry Potter cake (Trouble #2 already had a professionally done HP Cake while we were in NY). For drinks, I served my super yummy Witches Punch, complete with snails, frogs, turtle eyes and frozen ghost hands.

We did a ghost hunt for activity and after that, I let all the kids lose with lots of craft supplies... yeah, I have a few of those... to create their favorite pet monster. It was really cute what they came up with.

After that it was already time for supper. We had roasted monster (meatloaf with spinach/mushroom/cheese filling) in a pool of blood (tomato sauce) and a side of worms ('sketti) and "vampire toast" (bread with garlic butter). We also had celery mummies, bloody eyeballs and mummy fingers to nibble on (celery sticks with cheese and strips of turkey, cherry tomatos and little sausages with almonds for "fingernails), and another bowl of witches punch. For dessert we had bloody pudding (vanilla pudding with cherry sauce).

All in all, to quote Trouble #2 AKA Harry Potter: This was my best birthday! So I suppose I did alright.

So, here are some pictures of Harry and the birthday feast.


Sie und die Andere said...

Wow, das Essen ist ja der Hammer! Die Finger find ich besonders genial :)
Scheint eine gelungene Party gewesen zu sein :)

Nat said...

wow- girl you out did yourself! Awesome party!

Aline said...

Wow, du haust mich um, was ein klasse gedeckter Tisch. Schön, daß es so ein Erfolg war! :)

Daniela said...

whew, that looks horrible! must have been soo funny to see the kids having fun with this...