Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Things that make you go WTH?

Totally unrelated to scrapping, but did I mention that I am doing an internship right now? In an effort to become employable here, etc. etc.... And, my official disclaimer, so no complains that I am anti-this or the other... I am all for religious freedom, people's rights to express themselves, etc. etc. etc. Whatever floats your boat, trips your trigger and so forth. Hey, I am hopelessly liberal when it comes to all that stuff. But... there had to be a but, right?

So, I am doing this internship at Rindchen's Wein Kontor. If you are in the market for some good, well priced wines, they are the people to call.Oh, and check out the wine spices. That is something really cool the owner just developed. Anyway, it's a local company (I happen to live right across from one of their stores) and it is actually really cool. I am learning lots of stuff and it is very interesting. Usually I assist the ladies over in bookkeeping/office management but as one of them is on vacation this week, they sent me over to Internet/Marketing.

Pretty interesting, too, but they don't have that much for me to help out with because, quite frankly, my knowledge of wine is seriously lacking, and this morning only W, the manager was in. W had me box up 9 bottles of wine to messenger over to the photographer's studio. So I called the messenger dispatch, told her all the details, she ask what they would be hauling, wether they need a van or a car will do. I told her that it would be a box with 9 bottles of wine. Okay, they'll send someone over right away.

About one hour later, one of the guys from shipping comes upstairs, asking me for the box, because the messenger was downstairs waiting.

Around noon, W was in a meeting but one of the other internet/marketing ladies was in by now, there is a phone call from downstairs, hey, there is a messenger here to pick up the box that needs to go to the studio. So the lady is confused because she doesn't know anything about the box going out, I explain the whole thing, what W told me to do, who I called, what I boxed up, etc. etc. but am a bit confused, becaue obviously the box had been picked up an hour earlier.

Just as I was ready to leave, another guy from shipping comes up to us, to leave a note for W. and asking wether we had specified to the messenger dispatch what was in the box: ehmmmm, yeah, I specifically told the lady when she asked me!

Now we are all confused.

Well, sorry for the long story, but remember the messenger that came first? He refused to take the box with him, because it contained alcohol and he had religious objections to alcohol and therefore could not deliver the box with the 9 bottles of wine to the photostudio across town.

Things that make you go WTH?


Aline said...

Argh!! Da fällt mir echt gar nicht mehr viel zu sein!

Ich wünsch Dir trotzdem einen schönen Tag und hoffe, daß es Dir sonst gut geht. :)

Nat said...

???? Does he everytime know what he is delivering. Oh boy.

Anonymous said...

Never heard anything strange like this... Anyway, happy 1st advent, says "Ms Paper"