Monday, November 12, 2007


Stampin' up arrived in Germany. Haleluja! And the brand new German language catalog arrived in my mailbox just this afternoon. Too cool to see some of my favorite stampsets translated into German.

So, I have to send off my Demo Kit order... I have to make a few changes yet to the recommended paper choices and such and I think I need to chat with them about the recommended sets.... do not likey! I think they picked the only two sets in the whole catty that I really don't care for. Ughhh.

Other scrappy news: There is a weeklong online crop going on at one of my favorite forums. These are some of the things I have come up with so far:

In non-scrappy news.... Trouble #2 was true to her name: She pulled her first tooth last night. I had noticed earlier yesterday or day before that one of her front teeth was a bit loose. Well... she must have taken that to mean to take matters into her own hand and so she came to me, with a bit of dental floss in her hand: Mama, can you make a loop? she asked. Huh? was my not so witty response. To loop it around my tooth so I can pull it, of course, Dummy! Okay, "Dummy" is my editorial comment, but that's the look I got. Well, I told her that it would probably hurt and that the tooth wasn't really lose enough to pull yet, but she was bound and determined. So, what is a good mom to do? Grab the camera. So, between giggling and feeling just a tiny bit nauseous (on my part)... she proceeded to pull her own tooth, first loosening it with the dental floss "lasso", then trying to twist it off by hand, and then going back to the floss. And was proud as can be when it cam out. She didn't shed a tear, she didn't wince.... just a victorious "I got it, Mama!"

Here's the photographic undedited proof: If you are even a wee bit squeamish, like my dear brother... skip it.

Okay, in the last picture she doesn't look too happy, but trust me, she was ecstatic.

With that...have a good one!


Nat said...

Love your layouts! And...I did the same when I was a kid- LOL

Mag said...

Oy!! Lizzie....tell her Nana is so proud of such a big girl. BTW... your layouts are super - as usual. Mag

Danyeela said...

OMG - how brave she is... I think, I couldn't have stand watching this procedure... good story for a double page LO, I guess :-)