Thursday, June 26, 2008

totally random

this is totally pathetic, but I just stuffed my face with a Hawaiian frozen pizza and a glass of wine. I had a fabulous day, really, but well.. 10pm rolled around and I realized I hadn't eaten anything but a piece of apple cake, a piece of rhubarb cake and a piece of goat cheese wrapped in tirolean bacon.... I was STARVING!!!

What's the deal? I work in a delikatessen. I work around food! Why don't I eat?

Well, after a fabulous morning and a spontaneous drive into the city visiting with Ms. Nat (where I ate the two pieces of cake) and an equally enjoyable trip to my favorite art stores Jerwitz and Tube, I had to go in to work tonight at 5pm to "learn how to close the store". Oye! I guess I should be flattered that "they" (aka boss lady and guy training me) feel that I am up to the task, because after closing the store tonight... I am on my own come Tuesday! I guess my work scedule is going to be basically two full days.... from open to close, 10.5 hours. Every so often I will have to work a Saturday. Mmmmhhhh, could be worse.
Anyway, after closing the store, I had to pick up Trouble #1 and #2 from the grandparents. And since teacher conferences are upon us, I had to chit chat with my mom for a while, because... let me tell you, we have A LOT OF complaints about the school. Anyway, one thing lead to another, one phone call after another, and there it was 10pm and I hadn't eaten... hence the frozen pizza and glass of wine.

anyway, disregard my starvation induced... or pizza overload (?) babble... the point of my post was going to be... Stampin'Up updates coming tomorrow.

Have a good one.

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Nat said...

LOL - too funny. sorry you hand't eaten!

It was fab to see ya as always. Love ya...or LUb ya- ;)