Saturday, June 07, 2008

Just a short post today...

So many things on my to-do list today
1) bake cupcakes-done, except frosting (out of powdered sugar... see #4)
2) prepare salad-dressing prepared, just need to toss with the greens
3) take kids to swimming... in 20 minutes
4) grocery shopping-still need to do.
5) head into the city to meet up with Nat, Andrea, and Kimmy! Is this the coolest? I love that I have so many scrappy friends, but do they have to live so far apart? So... I am tickled pink that there are going to be four of us getting together today for an afternoon of scraptalk, girltalk, good food and drink, and more scraptalk.

Have a good one.


socialbutterfly said...

have fun girls!!

Nat said...

süper!!!!Wir sitzen hier mit unseren Holztüten und wollen uns für den wunderbaren Nachmittag mit Euch bedanken!!!! Auf bald!!! Bussi
KAN! nicht Oliver ;)