Saturday, June 27, 2009


The little sleepover guests are finally gone.... and I am exhausted. They didn't fall asleep until almost midnight and were up at 5am. I was ready to shoot someone. Not even the dog wanted to get up that early.

Oh well.... luckily I was able to laze around the house pretty much all day.

So, the LO for today is for this weeks Scrapping the Music-Germany. I had a hard time with the song... I like the song, just wasn't sure what to scrap about. So here it is.

Off to do nothing a little longer.

Have a good one.

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Anonymous said...

Auch, wenn es dir schwer fiel, ich finde es toll!! Und endlich hab ich mir mal all deine Schuhbilder reingezogen.... seit Sonntag weiß ich ja auch, dass du tatsächlich auf solchen Schuhen laufen kannst!! zwinker

Ich drück dich