Sunday, June 07, 2009

Happy Sunday!

It's raining and it looks like it is going to be a "putter around the house" kind of day.

Like anyone cares, but here's my list of things to do:
1. finish cleaning up my scrappy corner. I put up two new shelves yesterday, so maybe I will get things organized. DONE
2. touch-up work in the hallway bathroom. I painted it months ago and still need to do touch-up work. I know.... sad, isn't it? DONE and I painted part of a wall in my bedroom, too. Though still need to do touch-up work there.
3. fold laundry. Working on it....
4. make strawberry jam... started to, realized I didn't have the right sugar. Ate strawberries instead.
5. clean up the basement. Though... that might be a better project for this coming week, when the kids aren't here to distract me.
6. walk the dog. DONE... okay, T#1 did, but the dog was walked. grin! And I walked him this afternoon, too. So he got plenty of exercise.
7. bathe the dog... remember, it's raining, he will be a complete mess! Amazingly, wasn't necessary. Oops, I spoke too soon. He needed a bath after the second walk. He was a mess.
8. make "starting-school" gift for neighbor girl. I want to make a chipboard album for her for all the first day of school pictures.

And just because.... a LO about Trouble #3.

It is hard to see in the pictures, but when we were walking the dog in the forest a few months ago, there were lots of trees where rain had collected at the bottom where the roots were above ground... does that make sense? Anyway, anytime we came by a tree like that the dog had to stop and drink some water and we were joking that he was "bar-hopping".

Have a good one.


Maj-Britt / said...

Genial ... ne´ Doggy-Bar ... das PP ist wohl nur zu und zu passend *lach*

(Hier regnet es auch) :-(((( ... Na dann viel *Spass mit Deiner To-Do-Liste ;-)

Sarale said...

Ach wie cool ist das denn...hab erst mal nix auf dem Foto erkennen können, aber mit Deinem Text und genauem hinsehen ist das doch ein sehr gelungenes Bild. So ein Baum ist ja wirklich wie eine kleine Wasserbar.