Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy Sunday y'all

Trouble #1 and #2 returned from their vacation to India today. I am glad they are home, because I missed them a wee bit, but I am also so grateful that they get to experience a) these travels to faraway places and b) the closeness of our family. We might be spread out all over the world... I mean, we are talking every continent except South America (if that is considered a separate continent), but we are an incredibly large, close knit family. We might not see each other for years, because of distance and such, but when we do get together... watch out! And Trouble #1 and #2 got smack in the middle of all this, because my youngest cousin got married and pretty much everyone.... I mean EVERYONE in my family was there.

So, anyway, we did a late Christmas/birthday gift opening and then they were pretty much out. Too tired, too exhausted, they fell asleep as soon as they sat down to watch a movie. Hopefully they will sleep through the night and be wide awake come tomorrow morning, because yeah! they have to be back in school at 7:45 sharp (after missing the first three days already).

And just for good measure, here's my 11th LO for the year, just trying to get some Halloween pictures (finally) scrapped.

Have a good one.


Nat said...

how cool they are back! Hope they make it to school tomorrow ;-)

socialbutterfly said...

ohhh, the cuties are back!! greetings!!

Aline said...

Good to hear that they are back safe. Beautiful layout!