Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I thought, before my internet service is shut down I'd give an update as I won't have new service until March 7th.

The move went well... that means, my apartment is (almost) empty, the house is VERY packed and I am just running back and forth between the two carrying all that little stuff that can't be boxed up. Luckily my friend Rike, who I am planning on adopting, she is just so sweet and wonderful, helped me move all my stuff. 5 days she was here! Now if that doesn't require adoption or being called the BESTEST friend in the world!

Anyway, since I won't be able to get into the apartment anymore after today, no internet for a week and unless I succumb and find an internet cafe.... see ya on the 7th.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

So long.... for now

After spending what seems hours on the phone with the phone company.... you know, it just occurred to me, why does it always seem impossible to reach the phone company by phone? but that just as a side note.... anyway, like I said, after spending hours on the phone with the phone company, I am hoping that I will have phone- and internet service at my new house by Monday. Which means.... I probably won't. Especially, since I did the whole online change of service form 4 weeks ago (in a timely manner) and just called them to confirm but apparently my phone and internet provider didn't receive the form. Mmmhhhh, see a pattern here? Internet provider not receiving internet form? I think they probably don't WANT to be reached, but that's just my own little conspiracy theory.

Anyway, the lovely lady on the phone assured me that things should be up and running by Monday. She did seem a bit concerned that there was no prior tenant in my new house. "New Construction" is apparently not part of her vocabulary and it threw her for a loop. Also, she wanted me to describe the exact location of my home, as in "if you are standing in front of your building, what is the exact location of your apartment?" and again, was quite confused when I told her that no, this wasn't an apartment, but a duplex and that standing in front of the building, mine would be the one on the left, but that it really didn't matter, because my housenumber was just MINE, not shared with a half dozen neighbors. So if she was looking for "xy street 2A", there would be just my home at that location.

So... we will see.

Unfortch the picture I posted yesterday is not one I took. I wish my apartment looked that good by now. But it is nowhere near packed. The moving truck including the big, burly guys who are supposed to be carrying my furniture down three flights of stairs, is supposed to be here Saturday morning at 7:30. By that time I have to have ALL furniture cleared of any kind of STUFF. That means... I better get to packing said stuff. So, if I should disappear for a while, I am most likely burried under aforementioned stuff (or still haven't reached my phone/internet company)

For those of you who will receive the felt and flower RAK, I haven't had a chance to get those mailed yet, but will do so this afternoon. Wouldn't want to lose the envelopes in the deep black hole of moving boxes.

So, with that said....

Have a good one.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Picture for the day

Have a good one.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

I wouldn't normally announce that today is my birthday, because... well, Trouble #1 is convinced that I just turned 27, but we all know that's not true, and after a few of those "Oh, I'm just turning 29".... they all pretty much blend together.

So, it's not my birthday I feel compelled to announce, but the fact that I have found some absolutely fabulous (and fabulously talented) German scrapping friends! Can I just say "I love you all and you are too sweet".

So... here are the links to my reason for gushing.

Girls, you rock.

Have a good one.

Friday, February 16, 2007


Yes, it's been an especially long week. Thankfully it is over. So, two things to cover and then I am out for the weekend.

1)Jana, Mirija, Anke and Hanna, please send me your adresses so I can send you the RAK.

2)Quick update on my self-imposed no-shopping challenge. Though I did shop a little bit, I haven't yet used any of the new supplies. And let me tell you, it's been hard. I had to "bail out" my Cactus Scraps goody box from Customs. Ughhh. But it was so worth it. With that said, I am 30 LOs from my goal. And really, I am closer, because for simplicity sakes, I am only counting 12x12LOs (70 as of this afternoon) but I have done cards and mini books and such as well.

So, with that said, have a good one.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A challenge (and a RAK) for you

As I have no idea as to who actually reads my blog other than my lovely friend Nat and a few ladies from the Scrapbook seite, how about a little challenge for you. Leave a comment and the first three... nah, I am optimistic, the first FIVE, will get a RAK in the mail, me sharing a bit of the fun stuff I found at a trip to our local dollar stores yesterday, seen in the pictures here. I further would greatly appreciate if you then create a LO with it and send me a picture so I can post it. Easy enough? Let's say... deadline for the LOs is February 28, so I can post them on the 1st of March, provided my internet is up and running.

Other than that, my painter is ill, out with the flu.... meaning....hopefully things will get done before closing. Really, he's been busting his behind to get things done for me so I can move into a finished house, so I don't want to complain, but WHY? wahhhhh! I also made a trip to IKEA yesterday, for the Tuesday Special I learned my lesson two weeks ago, when I went to buy a shelving unit and I arrived at the store around 10am, only to discover that the parking lot was full like only on a Saturday, and that people were buying that shelving unit 2, 3 or even 6 at a time. So I grabbed a cart and raced to the back of the store where the specials are. Yeah, I managed to snag two. I then picked up a couple of little things... like you can ever get out of Ikea with just what you had originally planned on getting, and by the time I got to the ginormous lines to checkout around 10:15, the buzz was that the shelves were completely sold out and I saw people carting off the floor samples. Alrighty then.

Anyway, like I said, I learned my lesson. I learned that I need to arrive early! So, I figured if I get there about 9:30 (the store opens at 9:30) all should go well. Ha, little did I know. Traffic was backed up, and I arrived 15 minutes late. And, wouldn't you know, that big mirror that I had been wanting, at the super bargain price of 19 Euros... SOLD OUT! At 9:45am! I mean, what the heck? People, I understand it's a great deal, a bargain, a fabulous opportunity to get rid of that ugly mirror your mom sent with you when you moved out, but do you really need 8! Come on!

So, that was the excitement of my day. I won't even bore you with the fun times I had at the unemployment office.

Have a good one.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Well, that sucks!

As I got to working on my week 6 card for Emily Falconbridge's Art Journal, and thought about how everybody is talking Valentine's Day and how I really detest Valentine's Day, because really, I have never had a good one (or even semi-decent), you know, the whole commercial, red roses, candy, cards, crap good kind, and how my Ex-h was a complete failure in that department anyway, always complaining that a) he just didn't do this kind of stuff, and b) having to remember our anniversary, Valentine's day AND my birthday all within one week was just too much for him,... well, that's when I remembered: Today is my anniversary, what would have been the 9th. Pretty crazy, right? so, I leave you with this and last weeks' cards and go mope. Did I mention I hate Valentine's Day?

Week 6
just showing the front.... and yes, I did use red hearts. It's this cute felt border I found at a local craft store.

Week 5
the prompt was to use some ephemera from your week. Since the house is almost done and we are getting ready to move, I have been spending lots of time at home improvement stores. Now, I LOVE home improvement stores, but when you HAVE to decide on paint colors and rely on your painter to mix them correctly (another weird thing here... they don't just mix it at the store), who just doesn't seem to grasp your desire for BOLD colors, who'd much rather paint everything in white or beige or champagne or whatever other boring color your mother prefers.... And yes, I realize the two paintchips are actually fairly light colors, but no, we didn't use either one.

I used a new product on the front of the card, and then added some glitter paint. But it didn't turn out like I had thought it would, so I didn't mind covering most of it with the paint chips.

Have a good one.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Online Crop

The online crop at the Scrapbookseite on Saturday was awesome. The DT did a great job of coming up with different projects and they definitely came up with enough to keep us busy for a while, not just the 5 (or 6?) hours of the crop. I managed to get two LOs and two chipboard doodads done. And the one chipboard shape even fouhd a home already on a LO... one more Christmas page. Yeah.

Since then... no real scrapping time. Sunday, when I had planned on vegging out, I actually ended up cleaning the bedrooms and bathroom in our new house. The painter is pretty much done in there, so I figured it couldn't hurt to actually get some of the major dirt off the floor and windows. Ughhh.

On Monday, Trouble #1 and #2 have dance class. The dance school moved to a different town, so now I can't go to the gym anymore while they are at class. Not that I have been feeling much like working out lately, those of you who know about my health issues... seems they are all in my head. All bloodwork came back fine. Anyway, so dance class on Monday, of course we got home late, no scrapping then either.

I did put in an order with Snapfish two weeks or so ago and the pictures have been sitting here. Maybe I will get something done tonight. But then on the other hand, considering that we are going to close on the house in 10 days and we have to be out of the apartment by the end of the month... maybe I should be packing my "stuff"?

Oye... I better get off the computer, have a good one.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Merry Christmas

Alright, alright, I realize it's February ALREADY, time is flying and all that, but I am just now getting around to doing some holiday pages. And I am also just now getting around to using some of those fun Becky Fleck round sketches Which reminds me... I still haven't gotten around to taking down my Christmas tree. Lucky me, it's artifical. And I did take down the ornaments, but the tree is still up. Anyhow, LOs, that's what I was talking about.

all paper used is Imagination Project, CS is Bazzill.

Remember that spending freeze I put myself on? I guess I haven't QUITE broken it yet. Yes, I realize I put in that order at Cactus Scraps, but it hasn't gotten here yet. And I am thinking.... if I don't actually use that stuff once it does get here, until I have reached my goal of 100 LOs finished... do you suppose that's really cheating? Maybe just the tiniest little technicality? I am halfway there anyway. 50 LOs! Yeah. If I am lucky, and moving goes smoothly, I should definitely be able to get it done by sometime in March. We'll see.

So, it's Sunday, day to veg out. I am not planning on doing anything today. Have a good one.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Mojo back?

Well, seems like saying that I "Lost my Mojo" started something.... because I sure got a lot done yesterday.

Emily Falconbridge's prompt for week 4 in her art journal challenge was "sign that you love". She did a really cool peeled paint technique on her card. Will have to try that sometime. For my card, I covered it with PaperPerfect, which is so messy and fun. I then created a heart with fabric strips and staples. It was fun, it was different from my usual clean lines and such. And it was hard to do because usually I am a fairly fast scrapper. This laboring over a LO for a week? Not me. 30 Minutes.... 1 hour tops. So, literally watching the paint dry.... that is hard for me. I want to get it done NOW.

Oh, and speaking of quick projects, one of the teachers at Trouble #1 and #2's daycare is getting married in June and she wanted me to show her some samples of invitations and help her make them. Luckily it's a small wedding, only about 30 invites to make, and she brought two friends to help (two other teachers from daycare). So we had a fun evening, lots of chit chat, and 30 wedding invites done!!! Here are some of the samples I made for her.

And since, thanks to my fabulous friend Christiane Socialbutterfly I am now able to stitch together my 12x12 LOs without that annoying shadow line in the middle, here's another LO. Actually, this LO is "all Christiane". Not only did I manage to stitch it perfectly, I also used her sketch from Pencillines and recognize the PP, Christiane?

So, TGIF, and have a good one.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Lost my Mojo

I have been lazy these days. After finishing 43 LOs by January 28.... I haven't even sat down at my desk to come up with something else. Yesterday I worked on an altered project that I plan on submitting, but LOs? Nope, nothing, nada.

In my defense... it's been a bit of a "blah" week. I haven't been feeling too well and had too many errands to run. Parent-teacher conference, anyone? Unemployment office?

So, here's something from the depth of my PC. It's about Trouble #2 and the kinds of things she thinks off when riding.

Journaling might be to small to read (and it's in German anyway) so here it is: Why can't we see God? He must be pretty big since he holds the whole world in his hand. Does he have a lamp to turn on the light during the day? Maybe he is BEHIND the sky?

Have a good one.