Thursday, February 22, 2007

So long.... for now

After spending what seems hours on the phone with the phone company.... you know, it just occurred to me, why does it always seem impossible to reach the phone company by phone? but that just as a side note.... anyway, like I said, after spending hours on the phone with the phone company, I am hoping that I will have phone- and internet service at my new house by Monday. Which means.... I probably won't. Especially, since I did the whole online change of service form 4 weeks ago (in a timely manner) and just called them to confirm but apparently my phone and internet provider didn't receive the form. Mmmhhhh, see a pattern here? Internet provider not receiving internet form? I think they probably don't WANT to be reached, but that's just my own little conspiracy theory.

Anyway, the lovely lady on the phone assured me that things should be up and running by Monday. She did seem a bit concerned that there was no prior tenant in my new house. "New Construction" is apparently not part of her vocabulary and it threw her for a loop. Also, she wanted me to describe the exact location of my home, as in "if you are standing in front of your building, what is the exact location of your apartment?" and again, was quite confused when I told her that no, this wasn't an apartment, but a duplex and that standing in front of the building, mine would be the one on the left, but that it really didn't matter, because my housenumber was just MINE, not shared with a half dozen neighbors. So if she was looking for "xy street 2A", there would be just my home at that location.

So... we will see.

Unfortch the picture I posted yesterday is not one I took. I wish my apartment looked that good by now. But it is nowhere near packed. The moving truck including the big, burly guys who are supposed to be carrying my furniture down three flights of stairs, is supposed to be here Saturday morning at 7:30. By that time I have to have ALL furniture cleared of any kind of STUFF. That means... I better get to packing said stuff. So, if I should disappear for a while, I am most likely burried under aforementioned stuff (or still haven't reached my phone/internet company)

For those of you who will receive the felt and flower RAK, I haven't had a chance to get those mailed yet, but will do so this afternoon. Wouldn't want to lose the envelopes in the deep black hole of moving boxes.

So, with that said....

Have a good one.


Iris said...

Oh Liz, ich hoffe sehr, dass das mit dem Telefon- und Internetanschluss wirklich bis Montag klappt. Man hat da ja schon Geschichten gehört ....

Ich schick dir auch noch einen Patzen Energie rüber, die brauchst du sicher für den Umzug!

Nat said...

Oh mann ich hoffe es klappt alles mit dem Umzug....und ich wollte doch heute Deine Mail beantworten - hoffentlich bekommst Du sie dann auch noch!!!