Friday, February 02, 2007

Mojo back?

Well, seems like saying that I "Lost my Mojo" started something.... because I sure got a lot done yesterday.

Emily Falconbridge's prompt for week 4 in her art journal challenge was "sign that you love". She did a really cool peeled paint technique on her card. Will have to try that sometime. For my card, I covered it with PaperPerfect, which is so messy and fun. I then created a heart with fabric strips and staples. It was fun, it was different from my usual clean lines and such. And it was hard to do because usually I am a fairly fast scrapper. This laboring over a LO for a week? Not me. 30 Minutes.... 1 hour tops. So, literally watching the paint dry.... that is hard for me. I want to get it done NOW.

Oh, and speaking of quick projects, one of the teachers at Trouble #1 and #2's daycare is getting married in June and she wanted me to show her some samples of invitations and help her make them. Luckily it's a small wedding, only about 30 invites to make, and she brought two friends to help (two other teachers from daycare). So we had a fun evening, lots of chit chat, and 30 wedding invites done!!! Here are some of the samples I made for her.

And since, thanks to my fabulous friend Christiane Socialbutterfly I am now able to stitch together my 12x12 LOs without that annoying shadow line in the middle, here's another LO. Actually, this LO is "all Christiane". Not only did I manage to stitch it perfectly, I also used her sketch from Pencillines and recognize the PP, Christiane?

So, TGIF, and have a good one.

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Nat said...

Man - you rocked those cards and layouts- sooo in love with your Deck of Me card- this is awesome. And I love your cards and this fab. LO with Christiane's sketch! Mojo back? I think Mojo just moved in with you!!! LOL