Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A challenge (and a RAK) for you

As I have no idea as to who actually reads my blog other than my lovely friend Nat and a few ladies from the Scrapbook seite, how about a little challenge for you. Leave a comment and the first three... nah, I am optimistic, the first FIVE, will get a RAK in the mail, me sharing a bit of the fun stuff I found at a trip to our local dollar stores yesterday, seen in the pictures here. I further would greatly appreciate if you then create a LO with it and send me a picture so I can post it. Easy enough? Let's say... deadline for the LOs is February 28, so I can post them on the 1st of March, provided my internet is up and running.

Other than that, my painter is ill, out with the flu.... meaning....hopefully things will get done before closing. Really, he's been busting his behind to get things done for me so I can move into a finished house, so I don't want to complain, but WHY? wahhhhh! I also made a trip to IKEA yesterday, for the Tuesday Special I learned my lesson two weeks ago, when I went to buy a shelving unit and I arrived at the store around 10am, only to discover that the parking lot was full like only on a Saturday, and that people were buying that shelving unit 2, 3 or even 6 at a time. So I grabbed a cart and raced to the back of the store where the specials are. Yeah, I managed to snag two. I then picked up a couple of little things... like you can ever get out of Ikea with just what you had originally planned on getting, and by the time I got to the ginormous lines to checkout around 10:15, the buzz was that the shelves were completely sold out and I saw people carting off the floor samples. Alrighty then.

Anyway, like I said, I learned my lesson. I learned that I need to arrive early! So, I figured if I get there about 9:30 (the store opens at 9:30) all should go well. Ha, little did I know. Traffic was backed up, and I arrived 15 minutes late. And, wouldn't you know, that big mirror that I had been wanting, at the super bargain price of 19 Euros... SOLD OUT! At 9:45am! I mean, what the heck? People, I understand it's a great deal, a bargain, a fabulous opportunity to get rid of that ugly mirror your mom sent with you when you moved out, but do you really need 8! Come on!

So, that was the excitement of my day. I won't even bore you with the fun times I had at the unemployment office.

Have a good one.


faith said...

ähm, i´m a silent reader ;)

Mirija said...

Ich lese auch immer mit :-) Vorallem seit ich die Vorzüge von Bloglines kennengelernt habe..!

Nat said...

hehehe- ich lese offen ;-) Love your blog Sweetie!

*Kiwi* said...

hallo, ich lese auch fleißig
and I love to read something in english :-)

Anart Island Studio said...

LOL...I just managed to get in...;-)

I also do read your blog, Sweetie!!!

Eeva said...

Hallo Liz I habe dir sogar auf meinem bloglines :). Hehe und jaaa es reicht leider nicht das Du erst um 9:30 kommst... die leute stehen da schon vor 9 uhr und wärend der regal angebot gab es sogar schlägerei. :) :)

christiane said...

i'm not a lurker ;)) love your blog, sweetie!!
with a RAK you can catch them all!! ;)

Jessica said...

Auch wenn es schon ein paar Tage her ist, möchte ich trotzdem gerne eine Nachricht hinterlassen. Lese Deinen Blog eigentlich regelmäßig und seitdem ich ihn jetzt auch auf meinen Bloglines habe werde ich nichts mehr verpassen. Mach weiter so. Ach ja, und herzliche Glückünsche zum Geburtstag!!! Alles Liebe!