Monday, February 12, 2007

Well, that sucks!

As I got to working on my week 6 card for Emily Falconbridge's Art Journal, and thought about how everybody is talking Valentine's Day and how I really detest Valentine's Day, because really, I have never had a good one (or even semi-decent), you know, the whole commercial, red roses, candy, cards, crap good kind, and how my Ex-h was a complete failure in that department anyway, always complaining that a) he just didn't do this kind of stuff, and b) having to remember our anniversary, Valentine's day AND my birthday all within one week was just too much for him,... well, that's when I remembered: Today is my anniversary, what would have been the 9th. Pretty crazy, right? so, I leave you with this and last weeks' cards and go mope. Did I mention I hate Valentine's Day?

Week 6
just showing the front.... and yes, I did use red hearts. It's this cute felt border I found at a local craft store.

Week 5
the prompt was to use some ephemera from your week. Since the house is almost done and we are getting ready to move, I have been spending lots of time at home improvement stores. Now, I LOVE home improvement stores, but when you HAVE to decide on paint colors and rely on your painter to mix them correctly (another weird thing here... they don't just mix it at the store), who just doesn't seem to grasp your desire for BOLD colors, who'd much rather paint everything in white or beige or champagne or whatever other boring color your mother prefers.... And yes, I realize the two paintchips are actually fairly light colors, but no, we didn't use either one.

I used a new product on the front of the card, and then added some glitter paint. But it didn't turn out like I had thought it would, so I didn't mind covering most of it with the paint chips.

Have a good one.


Nat said...

sorry about Valentines Day - give you a huge hug! Love your cards - what was the productu you tried - love the peek of it underneath the paint ;-) Have a wonderful evening!

christiane said...

ohhh, lizzy!! lots og hugs to you!! your cards are beautiful :))