Sunday, February 04, 2007

Merry Christmas

Alright, alright, I realize it's February ALREADY, time is flying and all that, but I am just now getting around to doing some holiday pages. And I am also just now getting around to using some of those fun Becky Fleck round sketches Which reminds me... I still haven't gotten around to taking down my Christmas tree. Lucky me, it's artifical. And I did take down the ornaments, but the tree is still up. Anyhow, LOs, that's what I was talking about.

all paper used is Imagination Project, CS is Bazzill.

Remember that spending freeze I put myself on? I guess I haven't QUITE broken it yet. Yes, I realize I put in that order at Cactus Scraps, but it hasn't gotten here yet. And I am thinking.... if I don't actually use that stuff once it does get here, until I have reached my goal of 100 LOs finished... do you suppose that's really cheating? Maybe just the tiniest little technicality? I am halfway there anyway. 50 LOs! Yeah. If I am lucky, and moving goes smoothly, I should definitely be able to get it done by sometime in March. We'll see.

So, it's Sunday, day to veg out. I am not planning on doing anything today. Have a good one.

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Nat said...

Love all those layouts - awesome take on the sketch! that little pile of papers waiting for you here...cheating??? NOOOO - I just hold onto it ok - LOL! HUgs