Thursday, February 01, 2007

Lost my Mojo

I have been lazy these days. After finishing 43 LOs by January 28.... I haven't even sat down at my desk to come up with something else. Yesterday I worked on an altered project that I plan on submitting, but LOs? Nope, nothing, nada.

In my defense... it's been a bit of a "blah" week. I haven't been feeling too well and had too many errands to run. Parent-teacher conference, anyone? Unemployment office?

So, here's something from the depth of my PC. It's about Trouble #2 and the kinds of things she thinks off when riding.

Journaling might be to small to read (and it's in German anyway) so here it is: Why can't we see God? He must be pretty big since he holds the whole world in his hand. Does he have a lamp to turn on the light during the day? Maybe he is BEHIND the sky?

Have a good one.


Iris said...

Oh ja, mein Mojo ist auch grad flöten gegangen.
Nachdem der Dezember so gut geendet und der Jänner so gut angefangen hat (LO mäßig), sitz ich grad auf dem trockenen.
Ich will schon scrappen, aber irgendwie komm ich von der Couch nicht hoch?
Ich hoffe, das ändert sich rasch wieder, ich will ja noch soooo viel machen!

Nat said...

Das ist so knuffig, liz!!!