Saturday, September 20, 2008

I never thought the day would come...

when I would say: I have no shoes to wear!

But alas, the day has come. I am filling in as waitress at the wine store tonight... fancy sit down dinner, lots of wine, the usual black pants/white shirt waiter attire. BUT... I have no black shoes. Oh, don't get me wrong, I have black shoes. Black stilettos, black sandals, black wedges, black high heeled boots, black cowboy boots, black pumps, black... I think you get my point. I have plenty of black shoes, but NO BLACK FLATS!!! (You might remember my post HERE. LOL But over the summer, unless I was wearing flip-flops, I was wearing heels, so my feet should be okay. However, I will running around with trays of drinks or food, etc. etc. on a rather uneven store floor, I don't think heels are a good choice for tonight.

So, I went to five shoe stores this morning, and yes, I found black flats. But, man, those were some ugly shoes! I just couldn't buy any. Too expensive for too ugly. I couldn't even see spending the money on a pair of perfecly plain, non-descript, boring, sort of comfortable, cheap flats, just because they were so... plain, boring, blah! I would never wear them again .

The moral of the story? I don*t think there is one, just that I really don't like flats.

Oh, and I think I promised someone I would take pictures of my new shoes (from this summer)... will get on that later this weekend.

Have a good one.


KimmyS said...

Can't you wear boots with heels? I alsways find they give me enough support but don't make my feet hurt when I waited tables.

But yeah, I agree on flat ugly shoes...they just don't make 'em sexy, do they

Nat said...

Hey- LOL - I like flat shoes :)

boots might be not too bad!