Monday, September 15, 2008

Nothing new this fine Monday!

I have been busy moving my scrap-space from my bedroom to the living room. I loved my little hiding corner in the bedroom, but really, it wasn't practical. I was so cut off from the rest of the house, that I couldn't keep track of the kids properly. And knowing Trouble #1 and #2.... they still do need keeping track off. So, after previously having decided to not ever have my scrapping space in the living room, because I am a messy scrapper and I wanted to have at least one clean/picked up room in the house, I decided differently.

So, yesterday was spent moving everything out of my big Expedit shelf. I put everything on my bed on purpose. I figured I would have to put it away before I could go to bed. Almost worked out that way, too, but the Expedit is such a pain to take apart and put together in tight spaces, that it did take me a bit longer than anticipated. Today then, I moved around some other furniture in the living room and started moving scrappy stuff into their new home. So far... I am really liking it. I still do have to make a trip to the popular swedish furniture store....LOL... I still need to get a little desk, but otherwise... looking good.

But that also means... no scrapping right now.

Hopefully by the end of the week I will have my desk and I will post pictures.

Have a good one.

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Nat said...

yeahhh - you did it!!!!