Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oye.... my feet!

It is a sad day. I had to admit defeat. There I go blabbing about fabulous shoes and whatnot, nothing less than 3 inch heels and tiny straps and such, and at 3pm today, I had to give in. My feet were killing me. And I wasn't even wearing anything outrageously high or pointy or otherwise super stylish. The shoes I wore today were Kenneth Cole Reaction shoes similar to these:

I have had these shoes for years, just haven't worn them in a while.

And, like I said, at 3pm I was done. Out came the tennis shoes. The shame!

But, I haven't worked in a restaurant in... let me think... 15 years or so. I haven't had to be on my feet non-stop like in a restaurant... in 15 years. So it will definitely be a matter of getting my feet back into shape so I can manage all day in heels again. Because, you know I refuse to wear some ugly clodhoppers, just because they are comfy.

Now I am off to soak my feet. Maybe I should start saving my tips for a weekly footmassage and pedicure.

Have a good one.


Nat said...

:-) Wer schön sein will, muss leiden - LOL. Ich würde mir dann ja lieber bequeme Klopper an die gräten hauen - Du weißt ja ich kann in Absätzen kaum laufen- LOL

Brianna said...

I don't know about other, but I have 4 pairs of high heel comfortable shoes. I wear them all day without any problem.

Jessica said...

when I worked in a restaurant, I had really cute shoes. But they had to be flat. Steve Madden makes super cute flats. :)