Thursday, May 15, 2008

I think....

I am back to my usual self. Well... almost.

I actually finished a LO for the current song at Scrapping the Music... turned out a bit more depressing than intended... but heck... the LO is done and will get posted later today.

And, what is more important, I am feeling the urge to bake again. My stomach is still not quite up to par. It is actually being very picky as to what it likes and dislikes, so for example, plain old toast-- not good. Yummy goat cheese salad? VERY GOOD. Go figure. Oh, am I a scrapper or what? I even took a picture of my salad. It doesn't get much better than a fabulously tasty salad, a new sunshade and a comfortable chair on the patio.

And when I picked up my folks this morning to take them to the airport, I also picked some rhubarb from their garden and I am going to make some rhubarb cinnamon cupcakes. Might have to make a special trip into the city to deliver some to Nat... or maybe I will try something entirely different today (been having this craving for banana cream pie or possibly coconut cream pie) and keep the rhubarb cupcakes for next week when I am going to see Nat anyway? With gas prices the way they are.... Mmhhhh.... decisions, decisions. I am not very good with decisions....

Anyway, I still have some greens left over and some chicoree, no goat cheese, so might have to make a special trip to the store.... and enjoy the rest of the afternoon on the aforementioned shady patio.


Have a good one.

1 comment:

Nat said...

lohhhhh -ohhhh rhubarb cinnamon- yummie- ohhhh ohhh- LOL!!!!

Hey- I love this yummie salad pic- that is so good!!!!

Can't wait to see you wednsday!!!