Wednesday, March 19, 2008

She used to be little!

Trouble #2, that is. I somehow came across pictures of her third birthday...and that was only 3 1/2 years ago.... so essentially at the half-way point of her current age. and brother, has she changed!

And just because it was old pictures, I also dug out some old paper. Still love the old Basic Grey, but am actually a bit tired of it. So tired in fact, that I just packed up all of it (except the Obscure Collection) and sold it.

And, just because that's how it goes, Trouble #1 is sick home from school again.

Have a good one.


Conibaer said...

Oh no! Sick again? I just hope he´ll be healthy soon!!!

Nat said...

shoot- sorry to hear thta. But your layout is amazing!

Aline said...

Oh man, Ihr habt auch kein Glück, was? Wir können uns mal zusammen tun!
Ich find das Layout klasse!
Gute Besserung and Deine Kleine!

socialbutterfly said...

you're not alone. but i don't think this helps!!
LOVE your stuff!!
happy egg hunt and i hope trouble#1 will get better soon!!