Sunday, March 09, 2008

Happy lazy Sunday to you!

I have to admit, I haven't done a darn thing today. Okay, I scrapped, but I did not a thing around the house. My excuse is that I had to recuperate from yesterday. It was a pretty long and exhausting day, but really... I just wanted to have a lazy Sunday.

Anyway, one of the things that kept me busy yesterday was my first ever German Stampin'Up Workshop. I didn't know the hostess before and didn't know the guests either. AND... I didn't know that with the exception of two, all the other guests were experienced stampers. I had kept my make and takes very simple, figuring I might have to explain a lot of the basics, but as it was, the M&T wasn't what took time.... we just talked about so much other stamping "stuff", that I ended up not doing my third M&T afterall, because quite frankly... talking for 3 1/2 hours wore me out (I've got a cold coming on again... aaarrghhhh) and I had to pick up Trouble #1 & #2 from their friend's house.

We haven't closed the workshop yet, but just looking at the numbers... the hostess is getting some kick-ass goodies and her feedback this morning was that everyone had a great time. So, yeah for the hostess and yeah for me.

Gestern fand mein allererster Stampin'Up workshop hier in Deutschland statt. Ich kannte die Gastgeberin noch nicht und auch keinen der Gäste. Ich wusste auch nicht dass bis auf 2, alles erfahrene Stempler waren. Ich hatte meine "make & takes" sehr einfach gehalten, weil ich dachte dass ich viele der Grundlagen erklären müsste, aber es waren nicht die m&t's die so lange dauerten sonder all der andere "Stempel-Kram" über den wir so geredet haben. Ich bin also nicht dazu gekommen M&T#3 zu machen, aber ehrlich gesagt, ich kann ja ganz gut sabbeln, aber 3 1/2 Stunden ohne viel Unterbrechung ist selbst für mich ein wenig viel, zumal mein Hals schon wieder etwas angegriffen ist, und ich musste ausserdem Trouble #1 & #2 abholen.

Der Workshop ist noch nicht abgeschlossen (d.h. die Bestellungen noch nicht abgeschlossen) aber nachdem ich die Zahlen kurz überflogen habe kann sich die Gastgeberin wirklich freuen. Es hat sich für sie gelohnt.

So, wenn also jemand Interesse hat an einem Stampin'Up Workshop, meldet Euch bei mir.

So much for now... I am back to doing nothing.

Have a good one.

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Lisa said...

Hmmm, how many shoes? This sounds like a trick questions-lol.

I'd have to say as many as she can get away with.

Have a great day!