Saturday, September 22, 2007

Start' em early Pt 2 and cleaning out my scraproom

Trouble #2 was feeling left out yesterday when Trouble #1 had a friend over and she needed some Mama-time. So we made cupcakes. She did most of the work, and was especially proud when she got the buttercreme rosettas just right. Yeah!

Oh, and a Trouble #2 funny: she was looking through my Desserts to die for Book by Marcel Desaulniers and The Chocolate Bible by Christian Teubner... yeah, a child after my own heart, and marked all the recipes she'd like to try. Or would like me to prepare. Ehhhhmmmmm, well, she pretty much went through an entire little sticky notes pad to mark pretty much everything. Okay, diet good bye.

Anyway, back to the cupcakes, here are some pictures. Proud Mama Moment. My baby did good.

The recipe is actually from a German cookbook and pretty decent, so I might just have to eat my words as I had just proclaimed the other day that I should just chuck all my German "Muffin/Cupcake-cookbooks" as every single recipe I had tried was worthless. See.... I keep trying them, because the measurements are much easier, but I keep coming back to my tried and true American cupcake recipes. They are just sooooo much better. In any event, this chocolate recipe is half-way decent, but really, to keep the cookbook just that one recipe? Not really. But the buttercream is the standard Martha Stewart Recipe and it is divine as always.

In other news, I am cleaning out my scraproom. If I am going to be in the US..... I just HAVE to do some scrapbook shopping. Yeah, to be in an actual LSS again! Double Yeah. But, I have to make space and get rid of some stuff. So, check out my other other blog Liz-Art (or click on the link over there on the left).

Anyway, off to clean out some more, get some stuff done, do some more baking... I am feeling really energetic right now. Mmmmmhhhhh, maybe the 2 double cappuccinos this morning did it.

Have a good one.

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