Friday, September 28, 2007


Random facts for today:
1) It's raining. Again. But the plant in front of my front door looks like it hasn't been watered in weeks. Go figure.

2) My town actually made national news over the last couple of days. Unfortunately not good news. Apparently two young men were plotting to plant a bomb this Saturday at our annual Fall street fair. Lovely! Not because they had any specific political grievances or hostility against foreigners, but because they were "frustrated". Out town only has about 13,000 people, on Streetfair days, population almost doubles. It would have been awful had they succeeded.

3) Totally shallow, especially in light of 2), I love my Tivo.

4) My little brother is moving to Rome. As in Italy. As in how super cool is that? On Wednesday.

5) Only 13 more days till our trip to NY. So excited.

Other "stuff":
Just one more day til our Workshop weekend in Hamburg. Everything is prepared and ready and packed (okay, almost). But I am sick. Feels like a major cold coming on. Nasty cough, migraine, the works. So I decided to stay home from school today, drink lots of hot tea, and pop lots of pills. Hopefully that will tide me over til Monday, because I will be damned if I miss this weekend.

I did snap a picture of my samples before packing them up. Here's a sneaky....

And tonight I am going to see my buddies Nat, Christiane, and Andrea. And later on tonight, this fabulously talented chicky is coming into town. And another highlight? Another fabulously talented chicky is arriving tomorrow. They are actually coming to attend our workshops! Okay, that just makes me totally nervous now, but still, I am just tickled pink. So.... I CAN'T be sick!

Anyway, off to rest some more. Drink more am I supposed to rest with all these fluids going in?

Have a good one.

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Nat said...

yikes- hope you are feeling better very soon ;-) Huge hugs- see you soon!