Sunday, September 16, 2007

Happy Sunday

Trouble #1 and #2 are at a birthday party today. A BOY's birthday party, no less. They weren't quite sure they wanted to go since they were worried about all the other boys, but once they got there, they were perfectly fine. So.... happy Sunday to myself: I have the house to myself, it's quiet, I can get some cleaning done, I have a pot of oriental chicken soup on the stove and the smell of the spices is out of this world.

I did get two more LOs done for the 1-in-48 Sketch Challenge Class over at NYC Scraps.

Have a good one.


Nat said...

Awesome layouts again!!!!

~aimee said...

Gorgeous Liz! Have fun having Sunday all to yourself. I am v impressed (and jealous) of how homey and artistic you are. :)