Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm back! in my best Arnold impersonation

It took completely flattening my laptop to get whatever "ailment" was causing problems to stop causing problems. I HATE THAT! Of course I am the idiot that doesn't back up her stuff. Well... regularly backs up her stuff. Remember that episode of SATC where Carrie's laptop crashes and she takes it in to have thing recovered and all they can get is garbled garbage? Well... it wasn't quite so bad, but still. And I am still trying to get all my iTunes uploaded again. I managed to save them to disc, but now I am having trouble uploading them. Ughhh. I don't need this stress.

Good thing M. from school was able to help me out. I knew there was a reason they stuck one guy into a classroom full of women (mothers) returning to work..... hey, he can fix computers! Otherwise it would have been a $100 trip to the computer doctor. This way it is going to cost me a batch of cupcakes. I found a recipe for Caipirinha cupcakes (he loves Caipis) but it sounded pretty nasty. I think I will stick with something more basic... like double chocolate or something like that.

In other news:

I started the 1-in-48 Sketch class over at NYC Scraps. Lots of fun. Lots of scrapping to be done. The sketches are cool and I am getting LOs done. A bit simpler than the usual, but that's okay, too.

The next two pictures are awful, since I was only able to take digi pix and not scan, but hey, you get the gist.

I am also working on another wedding cake. My lovely friend Nat and her husband ordered it as a wedding gift. So far (here in Germany) I had only made yellow cake with either apricot or raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream. This one is going to be Devil's Food Cake, with raspberry filling and buttercream. I tried a new recipe and had all ladies (and lone gentleman) in my class taste test. They loved it. The cake is soooooo chocolatey, it should be illegal. I just hope the happy couple enjoys it, too, but I am sure Nat will give me feedback. This one is only going to be a two-tier number, but with sunflowers and yellow roses. Should look very pretty. Pictures sometime this weekend.

The kids are heading out to the airshow tomorrow with the neighbors. I was supposed to go too, but with the cake set up and all... the neighbors offered to take the kids off my hands. They even asked wether it'd be okay if they stayed out a little longer, since they know I am concerned about bedtime routine. But hey.... it means I might actually have an hour or so to myself! Can't complain about that. Or, I might have to find a one-hour photo lab. I know, I know, I still live in the dark ages of analog film, but heck, I prefer it. Just not when it comes to developing those films and I don't go by my favorite one-hour lab in the city anymore. And as I was looking through the pictures I took during the first week of school, with all of Trouble #2's activities and such it occurred to me that I had missed one film. Well, I found it, but now I REALLY want thos pictures.

Mmmmhhhh, not much else, I suppose. I wasted so much time this week with this stupid laptop. Hopefully that's over now.

Have a good one.

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Nat said...

lovely layouts - so cool!!!!

Hey- the test cake was amazing - and no...I didn't keep a little piece for DH - nope ...nah...I gotta wait till tonight ;-)