Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Guess what

I am holding in my hot little hands?

This little toy: It was delivered yesterday and attributet to my MIL's heavy as a rock suitcase.
And yes, Schulu, Nat and Andrea, I've got yours, too. And the Staz-on.
It is too fun. And super cool. I don't know how I thought it would work, but it is really cool.
Anyway, just wanted to give a sign of life... this week will be super busy with Trouble#2 starting school and company in town.

Have a good one.


christiane said...

yihaaaa!! can't wait to get in in my hands!! thank you so much!! :)) and good luck for my sweetie-trouble#2!! hope she has a good start!!

Michaela said...

Hallo Liz,

darf ich fragen, was man mit diesem Punch machen kann? Ist das für spezielle Albenseiten oder.... ?
Lieben Dank für kurze Antwort und liebe Grüsse

Creative Creations said...

Yeah ... sooooo cool ... can't wait to play with it :) Thanks soooo much :)