Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Fluff post: Hear those wedding bells?

no, no.... not mine. Don't even go there. But I was asked to create another wedding guest book, as well as make the wedding cake. Yeah! And double Yeah, because I managed to find separator plates and pillars here in Germany and they were delivered today, in time for the wedding next week. So far I have been using (custom made, mind you) glass platters, which look nice but meant that the different cakes had to sit right on top of each other. No decorating in between, no achieving additional height by using pillars. And now, I had a couple who really only needed a small cake (50 people max) but wanted height! And I can get it done! I know, I know, not really earth shattering, but since weddings here in Germany are usually not as large scale as in the US, it is hard to justify an impressive looking wedding cake, when you really only need a limited number of servings. So, stay tuned for pictures next week.

Now, for you German readers, I do have to ask... I am used to brides micromanaging their weddings. Here, so far, one wedding cake was ordered by the bride, but she pretty much told me how many servings she needed and that was it. Two of the wedding cakes were gifts by friends/co-workers to the couple. Is that the norm? I cannot imagine an American bride letting someone else make a monumental decision like what kind of cake to order. Silly, I know, but maybe I shouldn't be marketing myself to prospective brides, but to people who might order the cake for a friend? So, what are your thoughts on this oh so important topic?

And, since we are speaking of wedding cake, I actually did a LO about wedding cake.

Have a good one.

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