Friday, August 03, 2007

THE best In-laws and other random events

Just wanted to state that.... MIL for shopping and listening and just being fabulous even though we have butted heads and personalities in the past and the last three years definitely haven't been easy and FIL for being a good sport about MIL shopping all the time and going to the post office and mailing these heavy packages without grumbling... okay, without LOUD grumbling, because he grumbles a lot, but that is okay, fathers are supposed to do that. So, before I get too sentimental and mushy, love ya to bits.

And, in case you are wondering what was in the package? Remember my post about shoes? Well, MIL had sent the teal wedge sandals a few weeks ago, because they matched an outfit she'd bought for me. And today the other two pairs came. Yeah. But, she also sent scrapping goodies like lots of Love Elsie stuff, a new paper cutter, bunches of ribbon and these cute, cute tailored tags. Oh, and see those two fabulous purses? I love purses.

Other than that, I did get my Scrapologie kit. Unlike the box from the ILs, which took an amazing 5 days to get here, this one took 3 weeks, even without hitting customs. In it were this book:
which I can't believe I haven't read before. LOVE IT.
And this one by the fabulous Teresa McFayden.
I knew Teresa when she was still teaching stamping classes at this little stamp shop that used to be in Bellevue, and when she still had her little TV show about scrapping... I think it was on on Saturday mornings. Way before she even created Foof-a-La and had the Foof-a-La store in Omaha on West Center and before ..... Well, let's just say it's been a long time and she has come a long way. Her style isn't like anything I do, but I love looking at her creations and all the pretty things she comes up with.

Well, today is the last day of camp and Kindi for Trouble#1 and #2. They'll be out of school for 3 weeks before Trouble#1 starts second grade and #2 will be a first grader. No,no, no, my baby cannot start first grade yet! She is starting school a year early, but she is soooo ready. She's been teaching herself to read and she's almost as good as Trouble #1. She got her school bag yesterday, and if you are not familiar with German school bags... they are not your typical backpacks. They are rather big and bulky. I ended up buying a little trolley for her to pull her bag on. She is just so little. From the back it looked like a ginormous backpack on legs.

Anyway, have a good one.


Nat said...

yummie goodies you got!!! LOL - about picturing your cutie as a bag with legs:-)

christiane said...

new shoes and scrap stuff!! you must be happy!!

Martin said...

Wow you got two more shoes and also goodies

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