Sunday, June 03, 2007

the next generation....let them eat cake

So... in a moment of temporary insanity, sometime last fall I think, I volunteered to teach a 4 week class on scrapbooking to about 10 first and second graders. Well, with that whole unemployment training thing starting I couldn't do the 4 weeks anymore, but I changed it to a one day, 4 hour class. The big day was yesterday.

There I was, with 10 first and second graders, plus Trouble #1 and Trouble #2 and one volunteer mother, and a bunch of scrapping supplies, at 10am on a Saturday morning. The kids were so excited. I was so terrified. And I had a screaming headache.

But, alas, other than trying to get them to understand that I could not help all 12 of them individually at the same time, but if they waited their turn, I would definitely come help them, they all seemed to have a blast, they all did very well, and all were VERY proud of their little mini album. The highlight of their day was when I got out the stickers and misc. swapp items I had received years and years ago. They thought that was the cat's meow. They also managed to break both, yes BOTH of my circle punches, but I guess that is a small price to pay for 12 happy kids.

Here they are and also some of their little albums.

Oh, and other than trying to get the curtains done for my brother, teaching this class and trying to squeeze in a Saturday night out with a few of my fabuluos girlfriends, this is what kept me busy this past week, but especially Friday.... between school, picking up the kids, gettng them to the church and such.

The bride is Trouble#2's Kindi teacher and the cake was a gift by the other teachers to the bride. So.... I have no idea yet wether the bride and groom liked it or not.

Anyway, it's been a long and exhausting weekend. Off to bed I go.
Have a good one.


Nat said...

Wowser- looks like a great class!!! And...diggin the cake- yummy!

It was a good saturday evening though :-)

Mirija said...

Wow dies Torte sieht super aus! Lecker, lecker!!!!
Die Klasse sieht sehr begeistert aus, dass ist einen tolle Idee! Auch wenn es für dich anstrengend war ;-)
Eine schöne Woche wünsche ich dir!

Iris said...

Die Torte sieht ja echt klasse aus, war aber bei dir nicht anders zu erwarten.
Und ich find es wunderbar, dass du das mit den Kindern gemacht hast!