Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Kit love

So, after 2 wonderful years of waiting anxiously for my PaperPosies Kit to arrive in the mail, I finally cancelled my subscription. Not that I didn't like the kits anymore, I just felt it was time for a change. Of course... I was fine for a month and then the following month Anna posted an absolutely fabulous, super cool kit. But, I remained strong. Well, sort of. Off I went and found myself another kit. This one is called SweetPeaScraps and I just received my first two (last month's kit and the current one) this morning. I was getting a bit worried there. The package had been mailed on May 30!!!! But the super sweet Kristin at SweetPeaScraps already offered to send out a replacement package should the original package not arrive. So, no worries, my package arrived finally and I couldn't wait to dig in. Love, love, love these kits.

Trouble#2 stayed home today because she had an ear ache. She had kept me up half the night, so after dropping Trouble#1 off at school, we went to the doctor. Gotta love a doctor where you show up and tell him you have a sick child and he tells you to sit down and you actually only have to wait 10 minutes. Well, maybe it isn't so much loving the doctor but the ladies who run his calendar.
Anyway, Trouble#2 has a slight ear infection, she is getting antibiotics and some pain killers and wasn't supposed to play rough today. So I kept her home from Kindi. I put her on the couch in front of the TV. She was happy. I was happy (since I didn't have to go to school myself either). Yeah, bad me, I know. But, with her watching TV, I got a bit of scrapping done.

The first LO is entirely out of the SweetPeaScraps May kit and both LOs are for the 1 in 48 class at NYCScraps, which is really a super cool class. I am always leary of online classes, but Hillary is doing a fabulous job.

Off to scrap some more.
Have a good one.


N. said...

aawwww, Oskar ist ja 'ne Wucht! Supertolles LO :-)

Nat said...

Wooow-. those layouts are really really awesome!!!! Oskar is totally cute! When will we see Bootsmann?

christiane said...

ohhh, love both layouts!! and i hope hayden gets well soon!!

KimmyS said...

That is so funny that you have chosen SPS. My friend Jenn is their DT coordinator and I always had my eye on this Kit. You will need to let me know how quickly the next one comes. I migh succumb myself