Saturday, June 30, 2007

Rain, rain, go away....

because I am down right getting depressed. It's been raining, no, who am I kidding, it's been Noah, where's your boat kind of raining, streets flooded, manhole covers floating kind of rain. And when I am depressed, I can't scrap. And when I can't scrap I get crabby. And when I get crabby...well, I can still shoe shop, but that's another issue altogether. But, speaking of shoe shopping, I did get some new shoes. Wanna see?

I am not usually the loafer wearing kind of girl, but well... I do own two pairs and they are both so darn old and in such a sorry state (my pony fur ones look like a horse with a skin condition... no fur left), I had to get something for running around in when the weather is sure to ruin any heels. LIKE RIGHT NOW!!!

And then, my fabulous, shoe shopping, MIL sent me these cuties:

She also wrote to tell me that she bought some cherry red high heel sandals. Mmmhhhh, what could that be? I am not the most patient girl and mail's been taking forever from the US lately, so I had to browse the usual shoe sites to get my fix of cherry red high heel sandals. How about these?

And just because I am feeling sassy, how about these? Definitely not meant to be worn in the rain.... unless it's some cheap movie, I suppose.

Last but not least, my favorites of this bunch... super cute Betsey Johnson.

Who knew there were so many cherry red high heeled sandals? And these are just a little nibble of what i.e. Zappo's has listed. Makes me feel all happy inside.

Anyway, it looks like the weather might be clearing up a bit here. Is there actually a bit of blue sky visible? I will have to take the opportunity and hang some laundry out to dry. Miss having a dryer.

Have a good one.


Nat said...

LOL - looks like we are in the same state of mind! Love your new shoes and I'm curious now about your new red shoes- hope you can show them soon! See you tomorrow!

christiane said...

holy moly!! nice shoes are on the run!! hope to see some tomorrow!! ;)