Saturday, June 16, 2007

I confess....

I have a thing for "boy bands". But not when they first come out and everyone thinks they are all that, but when they actually show that they have talent and stick around a while and grow up.

For a class I am taking at NYC Scraps, I made this LO a couple of days ago. Lots of fun. The class, BTW, is called One-in-48 Computer Techniques Challenge Class. It's super cool, since it gets me going and scrapping, at least one LO every 48 hours.

Have a good one.

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Eeva said...

Hihihiiii another thing we have in common Liz!! NSYNC, NKOTB, Westlife, BBB, Take That and Robbie, East 17, Words Apart, Boyzone and Ronan... they have all been my favorites ;) and some of them I still listen too.. like when I'm cleaning ;)