Sunday, January 07, 2007

Spending challenge... or rather "no-spending" challenge

Well... New Year's resolutions aren't really my thing. I don't much care for failure and why set myself up for CERTAIN failure?

Lose weight? Yeah, right. Study more? Considering that I am thinking of quitting school... not likely. Work out more? I am doing the best I can timewise, so not happening either. Scrap more? Working on that anyway.

But, I am challenging myself... like so many other scrappers, I am sure, to stop spending so much $$$ on supplies and actually use what I already HAVE. Okay, I have to qualify the whole "not spending" bit by saying that I sub to two monthly kits (check them out, they are fabulous: PaperPosies and Scrapologie)and I don't want to/can't cancel either one right now. BUT, other than that, I will not buy new supplies. Does adhesive count as supplies? No, that's more of a staple I think. So... if I run out of any kind of glue, I will restock.

Anyway, I am thinking of doing 100 layouts before I am allowed to buy new "stuff". How does that sound? I am participating in two challenges right now, I have exams coming up, we will be moving next month, Trouble #1 is going to have a birthday party, but I should still be able to crank out a fair amount of LOs... so, all things considered, I shouldn't really be counting on being able to buy new stuff until April, at the earliest. Yikes.

So, wish me luck... I will need it to remain strong.

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Iris said...

Wow, das nenne ich einen Vorsatz! Ich halt dir ganz fest die Daumen, dass du es durchhältst!