Wednesday, January 10, 2007

AEzine weekly challenge: Word of the year

Ali Edwards suggested picking a "word of the year", a word to sum up what I want for myself in 2007. Any word, as long as has personal meaning to me.

Well, I decided my word is TIME. It is probably an obvious choice, because... when do I ever have ENOUGH time? So I guess it is a matter of making a conscious effort to MAKE time. Time for things that are important to me, time to laugh, time to cry, time to heal, time to be silly, time to love, time to mourn, time to relax, time to just do nothing, time to do something for myself.

I guess... in the grand scheme of things, that little word "time" is really a big word, a HUGE word.

Anyway, Ali Edwards first weekly challenge involving this word was to create something, anything, to celebrate the chosen word for 2007. I made a LO, using my favorite paper (almost), the half-sheets by Rouge de Garance (available here).
I cut out the letters from the colored side, then mounted them on the black/white side of another sheet, and then mounted the whole thing on black CS. I am going to put it in a black frame, it's about 8 1/2x11 in... I think it will look good and remind me to take time.

So, with this said, I am going to take some time for tea. Have a good one.

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Nat said...

LOL - my little sister!
Love this - that is one freakin' cool layout! Wish you lot's of lot's of time!