Friday, January 19, 2007

After the storm

Oye... that was something yesterday. I don't know that I remember a storm like it, other than when I still lived in the US. But we came through just fine. I had to pick up Trouble #1 and Trouble #2 from daycare early, because they closed down. I got the call to pick them up, while I was waiting at the airport for my dad to come in. Luckily his flight came on time, ahead of the storm, and all was well. Getting the kids to sleep last night was a bit more difficult than usual. We live in a corner apartment on the third floor... you can imagine the wind howling around the building. Trouble #1 finally fell asleep with headphones on her head, listening to music to drown out the howling.

Hope you all fared okay as well. More later.


judith said...

Hi Liz, that storm yesterday was really something!! You were lucky that flight was on time!
I just wanted to say that your LO posted on 16th january is beautiful. It looks great!
Have a nice day

Nat said...

I think nothing bad happened here- but it was sure strong and heavy! Good to hear everything is fine with you!!! Hugs