Friday, February 27, 2009

Good thing it's Friday!

It's been crazy busy and I have been feeling pretty "blah" all week, so I am thankful that the week is over.

I did get a few LOs scrapped.

And it looks like Trouble #3 will be staying with me for now. He has turned from a 20 pound scrawny, ribs sticking out, sad, droopy eared, mess of a dog to a 45 pounds, beautiful, healthy, and most of all STRONG German Shepard. While my mom is doing pretty good since her heart surgery, the dog is still too much. And, quite frankly, I have gotten so used to him and he is VERY attached to me... so he is staying put. Isn't he beautiful?

And just for comparison sakes, this was him exactly 3 months ago. You can't even really see how skinny he was, but it was really sad.

Have a good one.