Friday, October 03, 2008

No cupcakes for a change....

I did make some Chocolate/Balsamico cupcakes with Fig Buttercream yesterday. They were delish but I have no photos to show. Sorry.

In other baking news....

Apparently I opened my big mouth and volunteered to make lots of apple waffle batter for the store for tomorrow's Applefest!

Good thing there is the internet, because... I had no recipe. Why did I volunteer? Who knows. So now I have been baking apple waffles all day. I am sick of apple waffles already, especially since these taste okay, but nowhere near as good as my mom's waffles.

Will let you know how they sell.

Have a good one.


Nat said...

oohhhh those cupcakes sound to die for!!!!

but apple waffles are the best- LOL

Anonymous said...

Liz can I just say that I read threw your posts here and OMGoodness those last pair of heels are TO DIE FOR!!! I have a pair almost like those.... they are white /black / pink called Naughty Monkeys. The name just makes me giggle.
Those apple waffles sound so good!