Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to my baby Trouble #2

Trouble #2 turned 7 today. Actually... she was born at 9:02pm Central time, which means she wasn't even born yet, but since she insisted on staying up till her actual birth time, I sort of skipped the minor detail of different time zones. So, 9:02pm German time and off to bed she went.

Considering how much baking I do, I have to say.... I sucked as a mom today. My own child did not get a proper birthday cake. But, in my defense, we stumbled upon this little nugget..... sorry, not for the faint of heart, watch at your own discretion...

and for a few days I actually considered it, but then decided against it, because I a) couldn't find a brain jello mold anywhere (suprise!) nor, b) did I have cornsyrup. I think I might just have to buy a big jug of this stuff next time I am in the US.

Anyway, so no bleeding zombie brain for my child. We also stumbled upon pictures of "graveyard cake". Now, that was definitely up Trouble #2's alley. So, I set out to make graveyard cake. And again, I stumbled, because a) I couldn't find OREO's (which are available in Germany at a few stores, just not in our little town) nor b) was there any CoolWhip. Or c) oval cookies. You would think that I could at least find little oval cookies to make the headstones. Anyway, long story short, I did improvise, and used Chocolate Prinzenrolle for the "dirt", didn't even know they made chocolate Prinzenrolle, and I used regular whipped cream instead of the CoolWhip. And I used store bought chocolate chip cookies which were sort of oval, for the headstones. And voila, my child was deeply impressed as was my neighbor.

So, without further ado, here is the birthday child and her graveyard cake. Please note... my little buttercream ghosts! Also, darn that photography class.... I should have shot on P or Auto, because I did not get a single clear picture of T#2, except for one where she sports this awful fake smile.


Now I really wish I had a glass of wine to relax, but alas... there isn't any to be found. So off to bed I go.

Have a good one.


Nat said...

awesome grave yard cake- I love it.

Oh man- Sweets- we have oreos here in our kitchen- dang it!

Huge hugs!

Creative Creations said...

The graveyard-cake looks sooo cool :) And Happy belated Birthday to Trouble #2 ;)

KimmyS said...

Oh yummo!!!! That cake looks fabulous. I wish my Mom would have baked such funky cakes for me!

Happy belated birthday to T#2!